Why does all the things good for us cost so much ?

I’m not speaking of name brand clothing or expensive jewelry. I’m  speaking of organic food, hair, skin care products and all the good things that will keep us healthy and well. I would love to eat fish daily, but the cost is too high. So, I opt for omega fish oil or salmon in the can, which is a bit more cost-effective. Hair care products are another story. Yes, I own a beauty supply store and I’m faced with the same dilemma of selling natural or chemical derived products. But don’t get me wrong. You can find inexpensive food, clothing and products, however, it will take some work on your part as a consumer. Well, I’ll let you decide as the shopper. However, I always opt for products that’s natural based and proven to get the job done. 

I was born in Jamaica, so I was raised on using natural products. Currently, the hype of shea butter, castor oil, pomegranate, green tea and all the others aren’t new to me. These are products that were part of my childhood. However, I must say, I grew to appreciate them now more than ever. Check my store out, for some of these goodies :http://stores.outerbeautysupply.com . I would love to hear from you. Are you appalled with the prices of natural, organic products ? Do you use a natural product that you want everyone to know works and are willing to pay the price ? Chime in.

Outer Beauty Supply

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